Has Sam Witwicky Gotten a Power Glove Upgrade in Transformers 3?


Possibly, if these set images from Michael Bay’s “Transformers 3″ are any indication. Well it’s about time, right? You can only do so many sequels with Shia LaBeouf running away from exploding buildings and rampaging giant robots before the people need to see him fight back a little. Then again, that could just be aluminum foil wrapped around his hand, who knows, really. Michael Bay is mysterious in his ways that way.

“Transformers 3″, with new eye candy Rosie Huntington-Whitely attached, arrives back in theaters the Summer of next year ready to blow everything up. As you can see from these set images, blowing shit up and taking names is still the order of the day.

More images via Transformers Blog.

Author: Nix

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    hhahahaha oh wow this is going to be stupid/


    I love the Transformer movies!!!!! I’m pretty sure i will love the TF3 but to me i feel it wont be the same with out Megan Fox. I mean come on now theres been 2 Transformer movies with Sam and Mikayla and there chemistry has become so great and so real that now in TF3 theres gonna be a new girl who looks nothing like Megan Fox and now people have to get used to this new girl who they have never seen act with Shia in any Transformer movies. Its kinda like how The Mummy movies came out with the same actress playing the main female character and then in the last one with Jet Li they change the actress to play the main female character whats with that?? I will no matter what love the Transformer movies but from beginning to end i would love to see all the same actors and actress’s in all the movies because it just looks better and it wont throw your audience off.