Has Seth Rogen Found his New Kato? And is it Kwon Sang-woo?

Maybe, maybe not. First of all, keep in mind that this is coming from a South Korean source and the original source material is entirely in Korean. Plus, Asian movie news, especially those that involve Hollywood, tend to be less reliable than those British newspapers from Across the Pond telling you what’s going to happen in the next Nolan Batman movie. Meaning, it could be 100% true, but it could also be 100% made up, with little room for anything in-between.

So, with that caveat out of the way, here’s the maybe/maybe not news: South Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo has auditioned for, and according to this HanCinema (via Twitch) translation of a source over at Nate.com, may have landed the role. Maybe. At least, that’s what it sounds like. Here, read it for yourself:

kwon Sang-woo has received a lovecall from the Hollywood film “Green Hornet” for the character Kato that was supposed to be Stephen Chow’s role. Stephen Chow was to direct the film. He stepped off due to miscommunication issues. Michel Gondry will replace Stephen Chow as the director.

Asia’s star kwon Sang-woo has been able to break through the language barrier and take part in this film!

It is known that Kwon’s English hasn’t been perfect throughout the audition with the main actor Seth Rogen, however, it was successful.

It’s not immediately clear to me if he’s landed the role, or if he’s just in the running. Then again, he might never have even met Rogen in the first place. Like I said, Asian movie news that deals with Hollywood tend to be iffy.

In any case, Kwon Sang-woo is a well-known actor to South Korean movie watchers, with films like “Volcano High”, “My Tutor Friend”, and “Once Upon a Time in High School” to his credit. I haven’t a clue about his actual martial arts background, but he has demonstrated martial arts ability in his movies, and would be convincing as Kato. Plus, he mostly plays the straight man in his movies anyway, so he won’t have a lot of trouble letting Rogen be the goof in a “Green Hornet” movie.

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