Has the WB Offered Xerxes to Guy Ritchie Because Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch Sucks?

Well, that’s one theory being floated by the boys and gals over at Vulture, who, off the top of my head, is batting around 50-50 when it comes to breaking movie news, or thereabouts.

According to the site, Warner Bros. is none too please about how Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” is performing with test audiences (people apparently are not digging it; as in, at all), and as a result, they’re looking to hedge their bets by giving “Xerxes”, the sequel to “300”, to Guy Ritchie, who has become hot all over again now that he’s dumped Madonna. And oh yeah, he had a really big hit last year with “Sherlock Holmes” and has the highly anticipated “Sherlock Holmes 2” coming out later this year, too.

There’s all the above speculation, plus this additional bit about the Man of Steel: Warner Bros. needs Snyder to buckle down on the “Superman” reboot in order to get the production off the ground before they lose the rights. This has become even more important now that, according to Vulture, the film’s current script has “major third-act problems”. That, er, probably isn’t going to sit well with David Goyer, who wrote the script with Christoper Nolan’s input.

The word is, WB has “offered” the directing gig to Ritchie. Hopefully they told Snyder that, cause ol Zack was really looking forward to doing the sequel to “300”…