Has Twilight Sequel Found its Director?

I swear, we’re not obsessed with the “Twilight” franchise or anything, it’s just that after the break-through success of the first movie, the franchise is practically sizzling right now. So, on the heels of news that Catherine Hardwicke will not be directing the sequel, and the possible shooting of parts 2 and 3 (“New Moon” and “Eclipses”) back-to-back, the latest “Twilight” rumor has Chris Weitz (“The Golden Compass”) coming onboard to helm “New Moon” and, possibly, “Eclipse” as well if rumors of the back-to-back shoot proves correct.

Via DeadlineHollywood:

I don’t have official confirmation yet that this Twilight sequel offer has gone out to Weitz. But my insider says another reason it came down is because Weitz and Summit’s president of production Eric Feig are longtime pals. The source tells me Weitz is “still considering” the offer to helm New Moon and possibly also Eclipse if the sequel and threequel movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s series of vampire books are made back-to-back.

So there you have it. Hardwicke is out, and Weitz may be in.

Weitz’s credits include producing the successful “American Pie” franchise, writing “Antz”, and directing “Down to Earth”, “About a Boy”, and of course, the big-budget fantasy “The Golden Compass”.

Below: “Didcha hear? That guy who did ‘American Pie’ may be directing us. I love pies.”