Has Zack Snyder Already Landed the Justice League Director’s Gig?

Zack Snyder

That’s apparently the case according to “Gangster Squad” director Ruben Fleischer, who was out and about promoting his true story-ish movie as it lands on DVD/Blu-ray when the subject of the “Justice League” movie came up.

When asked by Screen Crush about rumors that he was up for the big superhero gig and how that was going, Fleischer replied:

Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing.

Okay, there are a lot of ways to parse that statement. He could be simply saying that a) “Zack Snyder already has the job.” or b) “Zack Snyder will probably wind up directing.”

Justice League Comic BookI’m not sure why the interviewer didn’t toss a follow-up question to clarify Fleischer’s statement. That would seem kind of elementary, don’t you think? Why would you even bring up the subject, then get a really enticing answer, and simply move on to something else when you KNOW that’s basically the biggest thing to come out of that interview?

Anyways, I actually don’t think it would be a bad idea for Snyder to stay on the Superman gig. The buzz for his “Man of Steel” is simply incredible right now, and if everything we’ve heard about the film is true, that it’s paving the way (both in terms of storytelling and aesthetically) for other Warner Bros. superhero movies to come (in particular, “Justice League”), then why not keep Snyder onboard to keep the “Man of Steel” train rolling?

Warner Bros. would be crazy not to hand the job over to Snyder. The only reason I could see him not taking the job is if he’d rather be doing something else. Directors are kooky that way, or so I’ve heard.