Hasbro Eyes Transformers 4, Micronauts, Other Silly Movie Ideas

Hasbro LogoFlushed with cash from “The Transformers” franchise, it didn’t take Hasbro long to start eyeballing other gaming properties in their possession to turn into movies. Thus, film versions of “Clue”, “Risk”, “Candy Land”, “Monopoly”, “Stretch Armstrong”, “Quija”, “Micronauts”, and “Battleship” were tossed into the Hollywood development machine to see which one would stick.

So far, only “Battleship” has been made, with the rest still stuck somewhere between limbo and “never gonna happen in a million years, or if they do end up happening, will suck so bad the people putting up the money will wish it never happened”. Basically, Hollywood’s infamous Development Hell. Which, let’s face it, is where most of them should stay.

Some of the properties have landed big-time directors to help develop them, with J.J. Abrams supposedly working on a “Micronauts” film, Ridley Scott on a “Monopoly” movie, and most successfully, Peter Berg on the “Battleship” film. My guess is a lot of these guys were paid a lot of money to “lend” their name to the property to give it some traction/prestige, so that other people will end up assuming it as writer/director/producer later on down the line. How do you turn a stupid idea into a reasonable one? Get J.J. Abrams to endorse it. Or Ridley Scott. Etc.

The problem, of course, is how do you turn a board game into a movie? “Battleship”, I suspect, will be the trial balloon for the company and its Hollywood backers. Is “brand name” enough to bring in an audience for what looks very much like a generic movie that seems to only have the name, but not much else in common with the game from which it is supposedly “based”? Take a gander at the trailer for “Battleship” below. Doesn’t exactly scream “Battleship” the game, right? More like, “What, another alien invasion movie?”

Nevertheless, Hasbro is still actively pursuing their Hollywood dreams. At this point, though, a “Transformers 4” movie is probably their best bet, as it’s already a proven winner, and after part 3 chalked up over $1.1 billion in worldwide box office, making it easily the most successful entry in the franchise, there’s little doubt that there are still fan enthusiasm for the property. Hasbro would be fools not to pursue it, and Hollywood be fools not to make it, whether Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf, and the rest return or not.

However, don’t expect Hasbro to go the Marvel route and start making their own movies. Apparently even the idea of putting money into movies based on their properties is a bit, well, too much for the company. Just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Monopoly Board Game

Via : THR