Hasbro Taking a Huge Risk with Risk the Movie

Okay, so maybe it’s not that big of a risk, being that “Risk” the board game has a brand name and all, but it sure makes for a nice headline.

Anyhoo. “Risk”, the movie? I guess.

Mind you, I don’t know if anyone out there will go see a movie because they used to play the game, since the movies will essentially look/feel nothing like the games. I mean, they’re board games, for Christ sake. How exactly do you translate those into movies? You basically take the name and slap it on a movie that is KINDA in the same ball park, thematically speaking, and hope the moviegoing audience falls for it. Hey, Hollywood has done way worst things to sucker you in.

The latest Hasbro board game to make the ambitious leap from the cardboard box to the big screen is “Risk”, with the movie version being described by Deadline as “a contemporary global action thriller based on the venerable board game.” To that end, rising screenwriter John Hlavin (“Underworld: New Dawn”) has been tapped by Hasbro and Sony to bang out a screenplay for them. Sony originally snagged film rights to “Risk” over 2 years ago, but is just now getting a move on the property.

I’ve never played “Risk” the board game. Then again, I don’t play a lot of board games. As in, I always thought sitting around playing board games was kinda stupid, but then again, I was raised on videogames, so maybe your moms and dads feel differently. Do kids nowadays still play board games? My nieces and nephews do … on flash versions of the games on their laptops. For some reason, I never found it all that fun to play things that required me to roll dices. Unless, you know, money was involved. Ahem.