Hathaway and Carter are Queens for Burton’s Alice

I always suspected that Anne Hathaway, with her at-times somewhat cartoonish facial features, would make a decent character in a Lewis Carroll story, perhaps even that of Alice in the famous “Alice in Wonderland”. Well, close, but no cigar. Instead of the role of Alice in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Carroll’s “Alice”, which is going to newcomer Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway will instead play the White Queen, while British actress Helena Bonham Carter will assay the Red Queen. They will be joining familiar Burton muse Johnny Depp as, of course, the Mad Hatter. Who else would play what is bound to be the best character in a Burton film other than Johnny Depp? It’s like a Hollywood movie law or something.

More on Hathaway and Carter’s roles from THR:

Hathaway is playing the White Queen, a benevolent monarch who is deposed and banished by her sister, the Red Queen (Carter), who has an affinity for crying out, “Off with their heads!” The White Queen needs Alice to slay a creature known as the Bandersnatch.

Besides Depp, Helena Bonham Carter has also been a familiar muse for Tim Burton, having appeared in the director’s “Sweeney Todd,” “Corpse Bride,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “Big Fish” and “Planet of the Apes”. How exactly is Carter getting all these sweet roles? Well, sleeping with the director certainly helps. Carter and Burton are engaged.

Helena Bonham Carter