Hayden Christensen is Superman in Justice League?

What? That damn Justice League movie is still happening? Dammit all. Anyways, from the big bag of Rumorsville, comes the latest rumor that Hayden Christensen, aka Darth Vader Jr., is playing Superman in the big-budget comic book movie. Or at least, that’s what Adam Brody, who has been confirmed as playing the Flash in the movie, told some girl he met in a bar. Yeah, it’s that kind of rumor. Anyhoo, take it for what you will. Or not at all. It’s Saturday, so it’s completely up to you.


One such report rolled into my inbox tonight from a CB reader named Candace, who says she managed to corner Adam Brody in a BC bar and get him talking about JLA. What he told her is kind of a shocker. Here’s her story: “I asked Brody to sign a napkin, and asked what he/they were doing here. They’re in BC to check out locations for their new superhero movie Justice League is Mortal. Brody pointed at Miller and said “George is our director”. He said he’s playing The Flash, Common is playing Green Arrow (or Lantern, one or the other), Armie Hammer (sounded like Arm and Hammer) is Batman, someone from “mad max” is Martian Man-hunter (didn’t catch the name) and Hayden Christensen is Superman. Brody also nodded to the woman to his right and said “she (he said her name but i didnt catch it) is in it too”. Oh, and they had lots of drinks.”

Of course, there is some justification for switching up the Superman part (Scott Porter was originally slated to play Supes) with a new actor. The production is already moving from Australia (where it would have been able to shoot for cheap) to Canada, which would mean the budget would balloon back up again without the Aussie discount. This would mean the film would need more known names in the lead roles, and despite what you may think about his ability to emote, Christensen is a known name with a very recent hit to his credit, “Jumper”.

But as I said, take this rumor for what you will. I’m still hoping this thing dies a slow death, but at this point, I don’t think Warner’s going to let that happen.

Hayden Christensen is Superman in Justice League?