Hayley Atwell Would Totally Do That Agent Carter TV Show

Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter Marvel Movie One-Shot PosterMarvel recently made some interesting waves by announcing that they were officially working on a TV series based on the “Captain America” character Peggy Carter, played by British actress Hayley Atwell in the movie. Atwell reprises the character in a one-shot short film called “Agent Carter” that is included with the “Iron Man 3” DVD/Blu-ray, and she’s also rumored to return once again in the upcoming “Captain America” sequel, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

The question then, was: will Hayley Atwell reprise her character for a third time … this time as the lead of the TV series based on her character? (If, that is, that TV series should move forward?)

Well someone’s finally gotten around to asking Hayley Atwell herself, and according to the actress, Yes, she would definitely do it. Talking to Digital Spy, the actress had this to say about the possibility of playing SHIELD’s original badass female character:

I read about that too. The one-shot was so successful, the fanbase were like, ‘We want more of Peggy!’. I think Marvel probably take that very seriously, and it’s certainly something I would be a part of doing. I’d be interested to show different sides of Peggy. Although she’s kick-ass, and she can be aggressive and she can be just as competent as the men, it’d be nice to show that she’s a feminist in a way. It’s not just about her being aggressive and as aggressive as the men in those action sequences, but being able to be a little bit more rounded as a person. “I think she could be a great role model and a great member of the Marvel Universe.

I love the Marvel lot, they’re really great people to work with, so it would be nice to go back and work with them again. I’d definitely do it.

So there you go, Marvel. If you were wondering if Atwell would return, wonder no more. Give her a call if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile, you should buy the “Iron Man 3” Blu-ray if you want to see Atwell kick more ass, then catch “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” next year.

Haywell Atwell in Captain America - The First Avenger (2011) Movie Image