HBO Renews Game of Thrones Season 3

A Storm of Swords Book CoverTalk about a no-brainer: HBO has renewed their critically acclaimed and ratings winner “Game of Thrones” for a third season. The show is currently starting up its second season, which already began with a bang earlier this month with its best ratings yet. Folks just can’t get enough of those nutty Westeros gang and their wacky throne fightin’.

Now the question is: will Season 3 follow the pattern of the first two seasons and adapt the third book in the George R.R. Martin series, “A Storm of Swords” within its allotted 10 episodes? That would seem to be quite the task, given that the “A Storm of Swords” novel is longer than the previous two entries in the series, Season 1’s “A Game of Thrones” and the current season’s “A Clash of Kings”.

D.B. Weiss, one of “Game of Thrones'” showrunners (along with David Benioff), wouldn’t commit to that, but wouldn’t dismiss it, either:

We’ve always said that we see the show as an adaptation of George’s series, not this book or that book. It’s definitely true that ‘A Storm of Swords’ is too big to even come close to fitting in one season. We’ve done some shuffling around of things — as an example, there were some things from Book 2 that ended up in Season 1, and there are probably going to be some things in Book 2 that didn’t make it into Season 2 or maybe won’t show up later. Book 3 is definitely too much for a 10-episode season, so we’re taking the long view of the series of the whole, and trying to do as much justice as possible to George’s overall epic story and be as true to the spirit as we can, while keeping it an exciting and viable and vivid as a television show that stands on its own two legs.

Honestly, I don’t know why HBO wouldn’t give him maybe a couple of extra episodes (or a half dozen). It’s not like they can’t do whatever they want, it’s their network, and their schedule. And their money, of course. But given the success of the show, it might be worth it.

Then again, HBO has always stuck to this 10-episode/season/mini-series format, even with previous epic stories like “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific”. Personally, I thought “The Pacific” was about 5 episodes too long, but maybe that’s just me.

Jack Gleeson in Game of Thrones TV Series

Via : Huffpo