He-Man Masters of the Universe Back to Basics with new Writers

For a while there, it looked like He-Man and his muscular sword-swinging pals from Eternia were going to make it back to the big screen in one of those Hollywood bid-budget epics sooner rather than later. A director was even attached, screenwriters were hacking away at various versions of the script, and then just like that, Warner Bros. and Mattel split and the fanboy property was back to square one. Of course, it didn’t take long for He-Man to find a new home with Columbia Pictures/Sony. Even so, it’s taken nearly half a year for any fresh news on He-man.

The latest comes from THR, who reports that new writers have finally been given the task of, once again, adapting the Mattel toyline for the big screen. This time around, Mike Finch and Alex Litvak have come onboard to pen the adaptation for Columbia Pictures. Finch and Litvak are still riding the high of “Predators”, the Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel to the ’80s action hit, and originally made their big splash with “Medieval”, which has itself hit some rocky times with its attached director Rob Cohen now off the project and the film’s state uncertain.

No word yet on the plot that Finch and Litvak will be offering up, but it’s probably a sure bet that the much-discussed “Eternia set on Earth” plot that Justin Marks offered up is no longer viable.

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