Heigl and Kutcher vs. Five Killers

It’s a romantic comedy starring that girl from Grey’s Anatomy and that guy from That 70’s Show as a married couple who discovers that their neighbors might be hired killers sent to whack them. Hilary, as they say, ensue. Wait, what? It’s not a comedy? It’s an actual honest to goodness thriller? Yup, it’s really a thriller called “Five Killers”.

According to Variety, the film will star Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, the latter playing a woman who falls in love with the man of her dreams while on vacation. They get hitched, and years later, while living in the suburbs begin to suspect that their neighbors may in fact be assassins and — gasp! — they’re after them! The Variety article doesn’t say if Kutcher is the “man of her dreams”, but that would make sense. I can’t see Kutcher playing a hired killer.

Robert Luketic (who last helmed Heigl’s romcom “The Ugly Truth”) will direct the thriller for Lionsgate, with Scott Aversano, Jason Goldberg, Mike Karz, Josie Rosen, Christopher Pratt and Chad Marting producing.