Heiter and Martin to Menace America in The Human Centipede 3

Martin and Heiter from The Human Centipede Movies

Anxious to get your hands on another “Human Centipede” installment from self-whoring genius Tom Six? You’re in luck. The third (and final) part of Six’s “Human Centipede” trilogy (go figure, dude actually got not one, not two, but three films made, good for him) will conclude in 2013 when he unleashes “The Human Centipede Part 3: Final Sequence” on what is now a very suspecting populace.

According to the franchise’s producer Ilona Six, the film will shoot this May and June in the southern states of the good ol United States. Yup, that means Six will be bringing his brand of politically incorrect madness to America.

Ah, I can see all those flabbergasted press releases from the usual suspects of right-wing Christian groups flying all over the airwaves, thus giving Six exactly what he craves, now…

If that wasn’t good news enough for you freaks out there, the third film won’t be introducing a new villain like the second movie when Martin took over for Heiter, but will instead team-up the villains of the first two movies, German nutcase Dr. Heiter (Heiter Laser) and British nutjob Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) for the finale. How you like them apples?

The finale, which promises to be “100 percent politically incorrect”, will either wow (or bore) you in 2013.

Tom Six

Tom Six gives the thumbs up to the inevitable protestations against his movie.

Via : EW