Hellboy Replaces Whiplash as Conan’s Daddy

Via NYMag’s Vulture blog, it looks like Mickey Rourke is out as Conan’s father in the “Conan” reboot, and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman is in. Anyone who has seen last year’s “Outlander” already knows that Perlman is going to make a pretty damn convincing barbarian warrior. Or, er, Cimmerian, according to the Conan mythos. Perlman would play Corin, Conan’s dad, who is killed when our hero is young, thus setting him off on a path of vengeance against bad guy Khalar Singh.

The latest word on Singh has “Avatar’s” Stephen Lang in the running for the part. More certain is that Jason Momoa of “Stargate: Atlantis” is the new Conan, while “G.I. Joe’s” Rachel Nichols is his hot-to-trot lady love interest.

Marcus Nispel, Hollywood’s go-to guy for franchise reboots, will direct “Conan”.

Ron Perlman the Barbarian.