Hellraiser Remake Gets Director, Ditches Teen-Friendly Angle?

That’s the word from STYD, who says that “Drive Angry” director Patrick Lussier will be directing Dimension Films’ remake of “Hellraiser”, while Todd Farmer will pen the script. Also, apparently that whole rumor of the remake getting all teen-friendly to rope in the teen demo has fallen by the wayside; that is, if it was ever true to begin with.

Being that Lussier (left) is a bit obsessed with 3D, having directed two 3D horror movies in a row now, you can probably expect the “Hellraiser” remake to be in 3D, too. I’ll be shock if this turns out not to be the case. Would a movie studio willingly forego the chance to squeeze a couple of extra bucks out of their audience? The horror, the horror.

Anyways, I guess you “Hellraiser” fans have something to celebrate — you’re not getting one, but two “Hellraiser” movies — the direct-to-DVD sequel “Revelations”, and now an entirely new rebooted franchise. How you like them apples?

So no teen angle? Fine. But I’m still holding out hope that Amber Heard (below) will star as previously rumored. I like her, uh, acting talents.

Amber Heard in Drive Angry 3D (2011) Movie Image