Hellraiser Remake Nabs Another Frenchie

The producers of the “Hellraiser” remake tried it with two Frenchies (“Inside’s” Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo), and when that didn’t work, they temporarily gave two Yankees a shot (“Feast’s” Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton). And when that didn’t work out either, they’ve gone back to another Frenchie, this time “Martyrs” writer/director Pascal Laugier, who is currently in negotiations to write and helm the remake of Clive Barker’s tale about acupuncture needles gone awry, or as the kids call it, “Hellraiser”. And Laugier seems enthusiastic about it, too. Plus, Clive Barker has already given his blessing to the project, so what’s there to bitch about?

Says Laugier about the opportunity to bring his brand of mayhem overseas to Lalaland:

“This is a dream project for me,” Laugier said. “I know Clive Barker’s work very well, and I would never betray what he has done. Fans are expecting a definitive ‘Hellraiser,’ and I don’t want to take that away from them.”

Laugier’s “Martyrs”, a tale of revenge and horror and other bad things that happen to bad (and sometimes good) people, got the French equivalent of an NC-17 in its native France, but still managed to become a hit. The movie is apparently so hardcore that people have fainted during midnight screenings. Are they sure it wasn’t just the lack of, you know, bathing? We are talking about the French here, you know.

Below: A scene from Pascal Laugier’s “Martyrs”. I’m pretty sure it’s a sweet coming-of-age drama.