Hellraiser: Revelations is Finally Coming to DVD This October

Remember that “Hellraiser” sequel that debuted in one theater in California for one night only earlier this year? No? Well, it did, and then it vanished into thin air. I’m assuming Dimension has no faith in the flick, as they’re dumping it directly onto DVD this October with nary a peep from their promotional department. In fact, I would have completely forgotten about it were it not for that “Children of the Corn” article I just posted. For those of you who’ve been waiting with baited breath for the movie to finally arrive at retail, your day has finally come. Rest easy, faithful fanatic.

Curious about the story? Here you go:

Two friends in Mexico discover the Lament Configuration and unleash Pinhead, but one decides to try to survive by swapping himself with someone else. Once they go missing, family members go in search of them, but find Pinhead instead.

“Hellraiser: Revelations” unleashes the horror on October 18th, 2011.