Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets a Teaser Trailer and a Release Date

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Hemlock Grove Season 2

I only caught bits and pieces of the Eli Roth-produced Netflix series “Hemlock Grove” when it debuted last year. Judging from my wife’s reaction, it was a pretty decent show with a few moments of excellent gore and incredible werewolf transformation sequences. Not surprisingly, she’s pretty excited that season two is headed to the streaming service this summer. I may have to check it out.

As if we didn’t already have enough to do with summer with “Orange is the New Black,” Netflix revealed that it intends to release the next batch of “Hemlock Grove” episodes on July 11. You’ll have 10 new episodes at your disposal, which should give you plenty of reasons to stay out of the direct sunlight.

Here’s what folks can expect from the new season:

We’ll also learn more about The White Tower and the experiments going on in there, and meet an important character, Miranda Cates (Orange is the New Black’s Madeline Brewer). Plus, while Hemlock Grove’s body count continues to be high, we may learn that someone who appeared to be dead at the end of Season 1 actually made it out alive – besides Olivia, that is!

Te best part: Werewolf to human transformations! The world needs more of that stuff. To get you super excited about “Hemlock Grove” season two, Netflix released a very short teaser. You can find the clip below.

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