Henry Cavill is a Super(Man) Nice Guy

It’ll be a while yet before we see anything too official from Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. If we get a teaser sometime this Summer, for instance, it would be more than we could have hoped for. The film is still in production and they’re still casting even now, and with a 2013 release date on the horizon, Warner Bros. is not going to be too anxious about releasing goodies, especially with plenty of superhero action in 2012 to tide fanboys over. And who would blame them? There’s no point in showing off Supes too early with a full year and a half left until he hits theaters.

But in case you can’t wait, here’s the new Superman Henry Cavill on the film’s Chicago set posing with wee lad all decked out in Brit gear. Hopefully the kid is a Brit who is visiting, otherwise his parents have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. I mean, even the kid’s pants have a Union Jack on it, fer Queen’s sake.

And oh yeah, here’s another really good look at the Supes suit, too.

Henry Cavill as Superman on the Man of Steel Set

Via : io9