Here’s the Teaser Trailer for That Veronica Mars Movie You Guys Paid For

Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars (2014) Movie Image

Well, not all of you guys, just the 90,000 or so that actually kicked money into this thing, anyway. Your money got Rob Thomas and the gang back together for another go-round, and who knows, if people actually ends up seeing this thing in theaters, there could be a “Veronica Mars 2” in the future. Since the film is essentially being made with what in Hollywood is considered a “low” budget, it wouldn’t really have to make all that much money to turn a profit. A $10 million opening weekend, for instance might do the trick.

Of course, whether the film makes that much (or even comes close) when it finally hits theaters in 2014 is anybody’s guess. Check out the first teaser trailer below. (The trailer actually starts around the 3:00 minute mark. The first 3 minutes are footage from the Kickstarter campaign that made the movie possible.)

Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune. In the years since spoiling Keith’s chances to be reelected sheriff, Veronica hasn’t taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling.

Starring Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni and Tina Majorino.

Here’s just the trailer minus the Kickstarter/background stuff: