Heroes Assemble in Arrow’s Season 2 Comic Con Trailer

Stephen Amell in Arrow

Check out what’s up next for The Hood and his merry band of basement superheroes in the CW’s second season of “Arrow”, by way of this groovy 3-minute preview trailer. Notable appearances by Summer Glau and what appears to be a badass woman in black (towards the end) will no doubt add to make our hero’s life even more complicated than it already is. It also looks like Arrow quits the gig in the beginning, but eventually returns. Yeah, like he wasn’t gonna, am I right?

Season 2 of “Arrow” has already made plenty of headlines, especially when it comes to a pair of newcomers. Summer Glau, of course, was recently added as a potential enemy/love interest, and there were some really confusing reports about the Black Canary. (Was that her? The lady at the end? Looks like it.)

We’ll find out just what the heck is going on in Starling City when “Arrow” takes aim at its second season starting October 9th on the CW. Until then, check out what’s come before, and where it’s headed in a spot that was shown to fans at Comic Con over the weekend.