Hey, Anyone Wanna Play the Bad Guy in Spike Lee’s Oldboy?

Clive OwenCause, you know, Spike is looking for a good villain, as everyone he’s approached for the role has turned him down. Clive Owen (who starred in Lee’s “The Inside Man”) is the latest to say, Thanks, but no thanks to the role.

Owen joins Christian Bale and Colin Firth as named actors who have turned down the chance to play the bad guy across from Josh Brolin’s good guy in the Lee remake of the South Korean revenge thriller “Oldboy”. Not only is Lee having a hard time casting his bad guy, he also can’t seem to get someone to play the movie’s young female lead, with Rooney Mara having already passed, and “Alice in Wonderland’s” Mia Wasikowska not yet making up her mind. Or if she has, we haven’t heard about it yet.

People are starting to wonder if the reason why so many actors are turning down the role is because Mark Protosevich’s script is not up to snuff. Personally, I’m wondering if this actually goes on a lot in Hollywood, but it’s just that, with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, and the Interwebs, we’re just hearing about it now when back “in the day” it was all beyond our notice.

Either way, the lack of a bad guy for the “Oldboy” remake has meant a delay in the film’s start date. Lee and company are now looking at late summer or early fall to start rolling, since leading man Josh Brolin is also busy with his “Men in Black 3” duties.

It’s too bad Spike didn’t come to me first. I would have certainly said yes. Probably.

Oldboy (2003) Movie Poster

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