Hey, Chris Hemsworth, Wanna Make $10 Million for Starring in American Assassin?

It’s good to be wanted in Hollywood. Especially when movie studios start offering you more money than the average American will ever see in a dozen lifetimes in order to pretend to be someone else for a few months. That’s the position “Avengers” and “Snow White and the Huntsman” star Chris Hemsworth finds himself in these days, with CBS Films reportedly offering the Aussie actor a cool $10 million to star in their big-screen adaptation of “American Assassin”.

The film, of course, is meant to be the first of a new action adventure franchise based on the series of bestselling books by Vince Flynn. In “American Assassin”, Hemsworth would play Mitch Rapp, “a college scholar and athlete [who becomes] a ruthless hunter of terrorists for the CIA.”

Bruce Willis is already onboard to play Rapp’s mentor and recruiter, while “Homeland” director Jeffrey Nachmanoff has been attached to do work behind the camera.

If Hemsworth does sign on and cash the paycheck, he’ll be committing to yet another lnog-term movie franchise, having already committed to the Marvel films (“Thor” and “The Avengers”), with Universal already pining for him to front his own spin-off franchise based on his character from “Snow White and the Huntsman”. And don’t forget, he’s currently got an offer to lead the “Robopocalypse” for Steven Spielberg alongside, possibly, Anne Hathaway.

But hey, it’s nice to be wanted in Hollywood. $10 million times nice.

American Assassin Book Cover

Via : Deadline