Hey, Flash Gordon Fans, There’s a New Flash Gordon Movie in the Works

Sam Jones in Flash Gordon (1980) Movie Image

I don’t know anything about Flash Gordon. I believe there was a cheesy movie in 1980 starring some football player … or something. Above is a pic from that, uh, classic. Man, that looks like a fun movie. (If you’re 5 years old, anyway.)

I do remember that the Syfy Channel had a Flash Gordon TV show not all that long ago. The show itself was pretty forgettable, but man, Gina Holden was ridiculously hot in it. She’s, uh, the one in purple in the banner pic below. I’m assuming the All-American blond was Flash Gordon.

Syfy Flash Gordon

It looks like Twentieth Century Fox and producer John Davis plan on bringing the broad-shouldered savior of the universe back to the big screen. They’ve set writers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay to pen the script, with the duo working from a treatment by “Bourne Identity” writer George Nolfi. Because obviously when you think “Flash Gordon,” you think gritty, realistic action.

Nolfi will remain onboard as a producer … whatever that means.

Look for Flash to save the day again sometime soon, which in Hollywood speak probably means 3-4 years. That’s, like, a few days in Hollywood time.

I wonder how they’re going to treat the villain Ming in this new version, given today’s politically correct climate, where just about anything that even remotely smells racist gets publicly lynched. (Thanks, social media!) I mean, have you seen Ming in previous incarnations? Yikes.

Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon

“I’m here to steal your women and eat your children. Muahahahahaha.”

Via : Heat Vision