Hey, James Cameron, Remember When You Wanted to Direct Spider-Man…?

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, James Cameron was at one point attached to write and direct a live-action Spider-Man movie. He even wrote a treatment, but was never able to move into production. That was a long time ago, and now James Cameron is lost in Pandora, while Spider-Man has lost its director, its sequel status, and possibly it’s box office mojo. So how do you fix one of the biggest franchises in the history of cinema? Why, you let McG direct it, of course. Just kidding! You let James Cameron come in and do whatever the hell he wants with the franchise, of course.

You could say Cameron has moved beyond the web-slinger, but let’s face it, if you’ve seen “Avatar”, you pretty much know that although he’s now leaps and bounds beyond “Spider-Man” in terms of filmmaking technology, oh James is still pretty much rooted in a comic book kid’s sensibilities when it comes to story and a sense of adventure. Meaning, he still writes like a high school kid who reads comics, if the silly, overly simplified script for “Avatar” is any indication.

With “Spider-Man” now flying in the wind, and Sony determined to reboot it into a fresh franchise with an all-new cast and new director, not to mention an all-new approach (hell, they’ll probably throw in a vampire or werewolf to try to get the “Twilight” kids interested), the franchise is in desperate need of a major name to help relaunch it. And who is a bigger name today than James Cameron?

It could happen…

Spider-man reboot? It's change you can believe it. Or not.