Hey, Ladies, Jamie Dornan is Your New Christian (Fifty Shades of) Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Book CoverSo as you might have heard, “Pacific Rim’s” Charlie Hunnam recently dropped out of playing the hunky male lead in Universal’s “Fifty Shades of Grey”. But don’t you fret, ladies, the studio has finally found a replacement.

Former “Once Upon a Time” actor Jamie Dornan, an Irish lad, has landed the much coveted role. Well, depending on who you ask, anyway. This is either the role of a lifetime, or the role that kills movie careers. Then again, since I don’t think most people know who the hell Jamie Dornan is outside of “Once Upon a Time” fans, Dornan really doesn’t have a whole lot to lose.

Dornan will play Christian Grey opposite Dakota Johnson (“21 Jump Street”), whose Anastasia Steele is a literature student who meets the handsome, yet tormented billionaire Christian Grey and embarks on a sexually explicit love affair that apparently was so hot and heavy it lasted across three books. Damn. Now that’s a hot and heavy love affair.

The book by E.L. James famously began life as a “Twilight” fan fiction, if that tells you anything.

Sam Taylor-Johnson (a woman, by the way) is directing, with “Fifty Shades of Grey” expected to turn you on next year, August 1, 2014. Of course, how many of the legion of female readers who snuck a copy of the book into their purse will actually be brave enough to go see it in theaters is anybody’s guess.


“So, uh, I gotta get nekkid a lot in this one, right? Oh, boy, time to renew the gym membership!”

Via : Variety