Hey, Look, Sin City 2 is Back in the News!

William MonahanFor a film that grossed over $158 million worldwide from a $40 million dollar production budget (not to mention what were probably some lucrative DVD sales numbers; comic book movies always do pretty well on DVD, and the film was a major hit with comic book nerds everywhere), Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s 2005 movie “Sin City” sure is having a hard time getting a sequel together. Six years later, it might finally have gotten it shit together.

There’s still no start date as we speak, though THR reports that Miller has recently completed a draft of the script, and now “The Departed’s” William Monahan (who recently wrote and directed the breezy (if a tad ridiculously violent) “London Boulevard”) has been hired to take another pass at the script. Monahan is an Oscar winner (for his work on Scorsese’s “The Departed”), though I honestly have no idea how that helps him to re-write a movie sequel based on a gritty noir comic book.

Rumors from this year’s Comic Con has “Sin City 2” scheduled to shoot as early as the end of this year. Of course, we’ve all heard that before. Plus, we still have no idea what the storyline for the sequel will be. Here’s hoping it’s the very awesome “A Dame to Kill For” starring Dwight (originally played by Clive Owen in the first movie). The story allows pretty much everyone from the first movie to return, though I can do without Jessica Alba’s stripper-who-doesn’t-actually-strip. What’s up with that?

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Comic Book Cover