Hey, Look, That Robotech Movie is Still Alive! (And Now it Has a Director)

Robotech Animated

Remember “Robotech”? The Japanese animated TV series that Warner Bros. was going to make into a live-action movie with franchise potential? Well, it’s back in the news.

This time around, Warner Bros. has officially tapped commercials director Nic Mathieu to helm the sci-fi film. Although this would be Mathieu’s feature film debut, the fella has apparently impressed quite a lot of people in Hollywood with his reel. Enough, anyway, for him to already be attached to two other sci-fi projects — David Keopp’s “The Wind” and “The Story of Your Life” for Shawn Levy. Which makes you wonder why he’s adding a third to what seems to be a very full plate, especially for a first-time director.

In any case, after years of being in development, with plenty of scripts and writers banging away at it, this would be the first time “Robotech” has been attached to a director. Which, if nothing else, means Warner Bros. is serious about making it.

Then again, Warner Bros. was serious about making that “Akira” live-action movie, too, and we all know how well that turned out

“Robotech”, of course, is set in the far future, where young pilots fly groovy spaceships that can transform into giant robots. Earth will need these awesome “Transformers”-esque bad boys when aliens begin invading.

For those who have never saw the ’80s “Robotech” TV show, here’s a taste:

Via : THR