Hey, Ray Winstone, Wanna be Noah’s Bad Guy?

Ray WinstoneReports have Darren Aronofsky and company offering the main bad guy role to Ray Winstone, last seen as one of the seven dwarfs in Rupert Sanders’ “Snow White and the Huntsman”. We are assuming he’ll be a bit taller in this one. Winstone has apparently said yes, because negotiations are now “under way”.

Winstone would be opposing Russell Crowe as the film’s titular hero Noah in the “re-imagined” biblical epic by the director of “Black Swan”. Which I guess means one of thees guys is going to get a cold shower by the end of the movie, if you know what I mean. Gee, I wonder who it will be…?

Jennifer Connelly is said to still be in the running to play Noah’s wife. It’s amazing to me that Connelly is just still being “considered” and hasn’t landed the role yet. I mean, didn’t she go all the way for Aronofsky in “Requiem for a Dream”? And she’s already proven to have great chemistry with Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind”. Beyond all that, she’s a hell of an actress. So why exactly hasn’t she gotten the gig yet? Blows my mind, to be perfectly honest with you.

Anyways, Winstone, who also counts “Elfie Hopkins” and “London Boulevard” among his recent films (among many, many others), joins a cast that also includes Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and former “Harry Potter” lass Emma Watson as the young tykes of the movie.

By now, if you don’t already know the story of Noah, it’s time to stop trolling Facebook 24/7 and read something, like the book below, you heathens.


Via : Deadline