Hey, Samuel L. Jackson, You Lost Your Avengers Script, Buddy!

As previously reported, Joss Whedon and the boys have begun production on “The Avengers”, a film that, no doubt, Marvel Studio lawyers and their Disney counterparts will be scouring the net in search of illegal/illegal-ish news to squash on an hour-by-hour basis. Such as this news that someone has apparently gotten their hands on an honest to goodness script for the movie dated last year, and is trying to sell it on the Internets.

The catch? The script belongs to Samuel L. Jackson, aka Nick Fury. How do we know it’s Jackson’s script? Well apparently the studio watermarks EVERY SINGLE SCRIPT with the actor’s name, so if anything should happen to said script before the movie comes out (you know, like someone trying to sell it on the Internet), it would be easy to track down the original source and from there, the culprit.

And yes, it’s the real deal, too. (Unless, of course, this is all an elaborate prank, then, uh, it’s not.)

The boys at Obsessed With Film (via Cinema Blend) got one of those email offers to sell the script, along with other sites they didn’t name. They, of course, didn’t buy it, but they did ask for photo proof, which they got. You can see said proof on their site.

I’m not going to post them here. Why? Because I get the feeling even photo proof of the existence of a script is enough to justify a cease and decease letter from the lawyers of Marvel/Disney. And honestly, it’s just easier not to have to come back here a day later and edit the post.

The point here is, Samuel L. Jackson needs to do a better job of keeping an eye (see what I did there?) on his super duper exclusive scripts. But probably more importantly, give it a week or two before one of the bigger movie sites (or entertainment sites like, say, I09 and such) buys the script and reviews it. Now, you may ask, why would I09 or a similar site buy such a thing? Um, because they can? And because they have lawyers to fight Marvel/Disney?

Until then, there is one unhappy fellow out there…