Hey, Taylor Kitsch, Do You Have the Need for Speed?

Taylor KitschCause the leading man role in the movie version of the racing game franchise is yours if you want it. Or so says Interwebs scuttlebutt courtesy of Zap2it.

Apparently someone out there still thinks former “Friday Night Lights” star turned big budget movie bomb specialist Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter”, “Battleship”, and now “Savages”, yikes) still has what it takes to make Joe Blow Moviegoer spend a night at the movies. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the guy, I think he’s good … as the best friend of the leading man in an action movie.

The same report now has Kitsch’s camp mulling over the offer. Because, apparently, the chance to play the lead in a Dreamworks film after three bombs in a roll is something they have to “think” over first. Riiiiiiiight. If an offer has been made, he’s taking the gig. If an offer hasn’t been made, I don’t suppose it matters.

The film is set to be directed by Scott Waugh, one half of the duo that directed the military actioner “Act of Valor”, a film that was sold purely on the basis of its action and not anyone in the no-name (literally, in this case) cast.

Dreamworks already has the film scheduled for February 7, 2014. Now all they need is to convince America that we really, really want to see Taylor Kitsch become the next Tom Cruise, even if we insist we don’t really, really wanna.

I’m surprise they didn’t get Maggie Q. to front a “Need for Speed” movie. She was already involved with one of the entries, after all, and I gotta think she’s got more fans right now than the guy from the ensemble football TV show that most people have never seen, but critics really, really love.