Hide Your Smart Ass Teenagers, Parents! MTV’s Scream TV Series is a Go

Ghostface in Scream

You can’t keep a masked nutcase down. After slaying clueless teenagers in 4 movies (with the last one coming in 2011), Ghostface will be setting his sights on TV. Cable TV, that is.

After announced as a possible TV series on MTV last year, a “Scream” TV series is officially under way, with the network announcing that they’ve ordered a pilot episode of the proposed show, with plans to unveil it to the masses sometime in 2014.

MTV apparently ordered the pilot even though, according to Deadline, there is “no specific concept or a writer for the adaptation yet”.

I guess they’re going to be relying on the brand, which I makes sense. The show’s teenage fanbase has all grown up (I imagine they’re in their ’20s and ’30s now, given that the first “Scream” originally surfaced in 1996), but teenagers-centric shows have proven to do well with the kids out there, whether they grew up with it or not. I imagine YouTube and social media will be used extensively in the show, as they were, to an extent, used in the fourth movie.

Speaking of which, I thought the fourth movie was fine, especially the twist at the end, though overall I was never a really big fan of the franchise. Too much meta, too much supposedly smart ass kids. Though I have to admit, I still get a kick out of seeing that opening scene with Drew Barrymore. Imagine casting her and then killing her off in the first reel. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.