High Kick Girl Kicks Really, Really High

So, okay, so she’s a high school girl (I’m guessing by the plaid skirt and school girl uniform) and she’s, like, kinda into karate and stuff, and get this, she can kick really, really high, and really, really fast. Or at least that’s what I gather from this short teaser video showing a scene from the new Japanese movie “High Kick Girl”, starring Rina Takeda, who apparently can actually do the high kicking required in a movie about, er, a girl who kicks high. Hey, this movie always sells itself!

Poster and synopsis from Dread Central. It goes something like this (as if you couldn’t have guessed the plot):

A cute high school girl who learns karate must take on a group of secret fighters with help from her karate master.

I wonder if the fact that our lead is a high school girl who goes around kicking guys in the face while wearing her school uniform will play into the film’s plot. You know, possibly involving a lecherous villain or some such with a fetish for “cute high school girls” in school uniforms? Naaaaaaah. The Japanese are way too classy for that.

Anyhoo, teaser video via Twitchfilm below, and pics via the film’s blog: