High-Kicking Fist of Legend Teaser Trailer Takes it into the Ring

Fist of Legend (2013) Movie Poster

Not to be confused with the awesome Jet Li movie of the same name, the South Korean “Fist of Legend” sends some regular Joes (albeit regular Joes with really cool high-flying kicking skills and the like) into a UFC-like Octagon ring for cash prizes and fame and fortune. The movie hails from “Public Enemy” director Kang Woo-Suk, and is based on a Korean comic strip. It looks like a pretty simple tournament fighting movie, so I wouldn’t get too caught up in the plot, such as it is.

Take a gander at the 30-second teaser trailer below.

A man takes part in a reality show based on “real fighting”. The prize for the program is 20 million wons. Contestants consists of regular people.

Starring Hwang Jung-Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Yoon Je-Moon, Park Won-Sang, Lee Yo-Won, and Gu Won.

Punching heads and kicking faces this April 10, 2013 in South Korea.

Via : Wild Grounds/Asian Wiki