Highlander Reboot Lands a New Director

Cedric Nicolas-TroyanCedric Nicolas-Troyan (left) is The One. Or until the producers decide to hire someone else, anyway. Given the history of Summit’s “Highlander” reboot, who the heck knows what will happen between now and when the film is supposedly going into production in 2014.

Until then, Frenchman Cedric Nicolas-Troyan will make his feature film debut on “Highlander”. The reboot is expected to stay pretty faithful to the 1986 original starring Christopher Lambert, with Connor MacLeod discovering his powers, being trained by the Spanish Ramirez (originally played by Sean Connery), and battling the barbarian Kurgan for all the marbles.

But of course we know it won’t really be the end. Summit isn’t putting all their money into this thing so it’ll end with just one movie, after all. There will be sequels if the reboot does well, and you can expect an ending that isn’t really an ending in the first movie.

Nicolas-Troyan, who last worked as second unit director on “Snow White and the Huntsman”, is apparently a big fan of the franchise and the TV series starring Adrian Paul, and he geeks out pretty big in this Deadline article. So if nothing else, the guy definitely knows his “Highlander”. I’m not sure how that’s going to translate in terms of quality, though.

No cast yet, but as you’ll recall, Ryan Reynolds was originally supposed to play the lead, but has since moved on. Apparently the idea is to cast a European actor for the lead role.

Christopher Lambert in The Highlander (1986) Movie Image

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