Highlander Remake Script Review: Does it Suck, or Does it Not NOT Suck?

I’ve mostly become used to reporting on unnecessary remakes of recently released movies by Hollywood, mostly because, well, what’s the point? We can bitch and moan all we want, but it ain’t gonna stop them. So, with that said, what’s been happening with the “Highlander” remake? Unfortunately they’re still going through with it, and the boys over at the CC2K have gotten their hands on the new script. So what’s the verdict? Predictably lacking, I’m afraid.

Here are some of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your POV):

– Swords are so last century. These new immortals use firearms as well as swords. At one point MacLeod attempts to take out his arch nemesis the Kurgan with a sniper rifle. Ramirez, as well, advises MacLeod to always learn the ways of the boom boom makers.

– All the characters from the original are back, but with minor tweaks. MacLeod, his old love Heather, his mentor Ramirez, and his new love Brenda.

– The Kurgan is no longer just evil because he was born into a barbaric tribe, but now he has father issues stemming from being sentenced to death by Daddy. He also likes to cheat, which isn’t really new, but his methods for cheating seems to make the rules the Immortals battle under very flexible.

– MacLeod is now a pacifist professor who teaches history at a Christian university, and avoids fighting as much as possible, though he still kills when he can’t avoid it.

– By killing another Immortal, you gain their personality as well as their skills. I’m not sure if this happened with the original, though I think it was weaved into the mythology somewhat by the end of the last sequel — i.e. you get stronger with each Immortal you kill because you absorb their battle skills.

– The final battle between MacLeod and the Kurgan now takes place in Central Park, New York.

Below: “What are you talking about? I don’t cheat! I sorta, you know, don’t follow the rules.”