Highlander: The Source DVD Cover Art, Disk Specs

To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t really care for the latest “Highlander” installment, but I’m still a fan of the franchise. How can I not be? I spent years on the TV show and even watched the Godawful spin-off, and has seen every single installment in the franchise so far. So it’s hard to jump ship now. In any case, we have the DVD cover art and spec for “Highlander 5: The Source”, scheduled to hit DVD February 26, 2008.

Immortals have secretly dwelt among us for thousands of years, locked in an eternal game of combat. Their origins have been shrouded in mystery. The answers, Prophets say, are to be found in The Source. As The End of Days approach, the last band of eternal warriors led by Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander, have set out on a treacherous quest to find the origin of their immortality. However, to learn the ancient truth, they must first defeat The Guardian of the Source, a powerful and ruthless killer who’ll stop at nothing to bring them all to a painful end.

Starring Adrian Paul, Thekla Reuten, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, and Cristian Solimeno.

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Year of Production: 2006
Title Copyright: 2006 Katana Productions, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Type: TV on DVD
Rating: R for violence and some language
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure
Closed Captioned: English and Spanish Closed Captioned

Highlander: The Source DVD Cover Art