Hilarious First Trailer for Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain

Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie in Pain and Gain (2013) Movie Image

“Pain and Gain” answers the question: what happens when you take away Michael Bay’s $100 million dollar budget? Less explosions and fighting robots (okay, so there are explosions, but definitely no fighting robots, at least from what I can tell), but other than that, you probably won’t notice the difference too much. Check out the first trailer for Bay’s “Pain and Gain”, starring Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and Anthony Mackie as a trio of meatheads in glitzy ’90s Miami who decide to kidnap a rich guy and steal all his stuff. Hilarity, as they say, ensue.

This is supposed to be a comedy, right? I’m not sure, but it’s pretty damn funny.

From acclaimed director Michael Bay comes “Pain & Gain,” a new action comedy starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie. Based on the unbelievable true story of three personal trainers in 1990s Miami who, in pursuit of the American Dream, get caught up in a criminal enterprise that goes horribly wrong.

Also starring Ed Harris, Rebel Wilson, Tony Shalhoub, Rob Corddry, Tony Plana, Bar Paly, and Ken Jeong.

The boys pump it up April 26, 2013.

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