Hilary Swank Battles Dracula in Fangland

For a double Oscar winner, I’m completely stump why Hilary Swank does movies like “The Reaping” and now, “Fangland”. You’d think these are the kinds of projects that someone who has already won two Oscars wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole — or at least, not until their star has faded, and they’re in desperate need of work. Swank doesn’t fit into that category, so why is she fighting Dracula in “Fangland”?

I could be wrong, but “Fangland” sounds like a horror-comedy to me. Or maybe it’s a straight horror movie. It’s hard to figure out from the description below:

Sriram Das of Das Films and Jason Blum of Blumhouse will produce with Swank, who’s is in line to play a TV producer who travels to Romania for an interview with a notorious European arms dealer. Turns out, he’s a modern-day Dracula.

So everyone thinks he’s an arms dealer, but he turns out to be a vampire. Funny? Horrific? Both?

The cover of the novel (below) sure makes it seem like a horror-comedy:

Hilary Swank Battles Dracula in Fangland