His Name is Still Bruce Campbell, but This Time He’s Fighting Frankenstein

Bruce Campbell, God of geeks with tastes everywhere, has officially announced via AICN that cameras will be rolling on his latest monster-fighting adventure, “Bruce vs. Frankenstein”, the sequel to his 2007 horror-comedy hit “My Name is Bruce” come this fall in Oregon. In the first movie, Campbell (who also directed) played a has-been B-movie actor named Bruce Campbell, who lives in a trailer in the middle of nowhere and crank calls people while crying into his dirty boxers. Well, mostly. It was an amusing little ditty, and featured Campbell fighting a vengeful Chinese spirit God or some such, I forgot. I remember it was mostly very funny, with Campbell playing a scummier, Z-level celebrity version of himself.

No word on what the sequel will entail, but given the title, “Bruce vs. Frankenstein”, I got good money on Bruce Campbell fighting a Frankenstein monster. I could be wrong, of course.

Hi there, toots, my name's Bruce, and I demand to be in your pants this very minute.