His Name is Still Bruce

Jesus Christ, has it really been almost 30 years since “Evil Dead”? When I stop to think about it, this seems completely rational, but somehow I’m not emotionally prepared to accept it. “Evil Dead” is one of those movies that somehow feels fresh, and still makes me feel like an awkward preteen when I watch it. It comes out on Blu-Ray next week with a pretty new HD transfer and a boatload of fun bonus features.

But I’m getting off topic.

“Evil Dead” star Bruce Campbell and his iconic chin sat down with MTV to talk about the movie, what he’s up to, and briefly discussed the follow up to 2007’s “My Name is Bruce”, “Bruce vs. Frankenstein”. Shooting on the sequel was originally slated to begin this fall during a break from USA’s “Burn Notice”, but has been pushed back because Campbell is making a “Burn Notice” spin-off movie about his Sam Axe character.

However, “Bruce vs. Frankenstein” is still very much on, and the 52-year-old Campbell is enthusiastic about the project. He wants it to be a “’Mad, Mad, Mad World’ of horror movies,” stocked to the gills with icons of the genre. Aside from that there isn’t much more information, but this is good enough news to keep obsessive fans salivating for a while. Really, who doesn’t want to see Bruce Campbell take on another legendary movie monster? Though as he says, “That’ll be my stuntman versus Frankenstein.”