Hitchcock’s Psycho Spins Off The Bates Motel TV Project

Just when you thought Norman Bates was down and out, he’s baaaaaaaaack. Okay, maybe he’s not back, but someone is going to be playing Norman Bates, except this time it’ll be on a TV show. Or series. Or maybe a TV movie one of the week. According to Moviehole, the “Psycho” property is definitely headed to the small screen, where it’s been developed as a TV spin-off. There are two ways I can see them doing this: Pretend the movie didn’t happen, and re-do it, or more likely, have the show take place in the aftermath of the killings in Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. Then again, they could go a third way and pretend like the movie never happened.

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock originally made “Psycho”, about a mom-obsessed killer played by Anthony Perkins, in 1960. In 1998, Gus Van Sant inexplicably made a shot-by-shot remake of “Psycho” that failed to do anything but make people scratch their heads and ask, “So, er, how come, Gus?”

And as Moviehole points out, there was already a TV version called ”Bates Motel’ in 1987.

Actually, hearing that Lionsgate is ushering the property forward, I’m a little surprise they didn’t decide to slap a roman numeral at the end of the “Psycho” title and make this another direct-to-DVD sequel. Lionsgate has been putting out tons of similar products, so why go straight to TV?


The Hollywood Reporter has cleared up some details about the Psycho TV deal.

[Vertigo Entertainment] is making its first foray into scripted television with “The Bates Motel,” a re-imagining of “Psycho” that’s being developed with Universal Media Studios, and a high-stakes gambling drama created by writer Matt O’Neal that is being shopped to networks.

So basically Vertigo is developing the TV project for Lionsgate.