Hitman 2 Gets a Spanish Director; Olyphant’s Return Unlikely

The second part of the header, about Timothy Olyphant’s return as being unlikely? That’s just me speculatin’, as I’m wont to do. But as to “Hitman 2” itself, the sequel is very close to nabbing a director, with Deadline reporting that 20th Century Fox is looking at Spanish helmer Daniel Benmayor (“Paintball”) to take over for Xavier Gens, who directed the 2007 original.

“Hitman” starred Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, a loner and master assassin who prowls the world offing people while sporting a nifty custom suit, blood-red tie, and perfectly shaved head. It also introduced the world to the seductive curves of Russian model turned actress Olga Kurylenko.

As for the sequel, the script has already gone through a couple of writers, and will apparently focus on the plot from the “Hitman 5” game from Eidos, which will feature a beaten Agent 47, who must reclaim his mantle as the world’s greatest assassin. Me, I would have settled for retirement in Bora Bora somewhere, but hey, that’s just me.

So will Olyphant be coming back for the sequel? That seems unlikely. Olyphant is already a major movie star, and I doubt if he’ll use up his hiatus from shooting the FX Network’s “Justified” to do a sequel when he’s probably fielding offers left and right. The original “Hitman” was a decent actioner, but it wasn’t exactly the stuff of legends.

Of course, just because Olyphant doesn’t come back it doesn’t mean they couldn’t still do a sequel. The film is called “Hitman”, after all, not “Agent 47”. Throw in a new agent and move on with the franchise. Heck, make the “hitman” a hot female number and go all Angelina Jolie in “Wanted”.

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