Hollywood is Belatedly Remaking Takashi Miike’s Audition

Eihi Shiina in Audition (1999) Movie Image

It used to be that a day didn’t go by without some Hollywood hotshot producer (or wannabe hotshot producer) announcing he had acquired the remake rights to a Japanese movie with plans to convert it for domestic consumption. It’s all the fault of “The Ring” remake, which convinced Hollywood that Japanese horror movies was the new gold rush.

Well it’s been a few years since the last Japanese horror movie to Hollywood remake that I can recall even actually getting made. These days Hollywood is more in love with the idea of remaking South Korean thrillers, though even that has cooled off since Spike Lee’s much ballyhooed remake of “Oldboy” sunk like a rock into the deepest parts of the box office, never to be seen or heard from again.

Audition (1999) Movie PosterBut apparently there is one brave soul in Hollywood who still believes in the Japanese-to-Hollywood easy street — Mario Kassar (of “Basic Instincts,” “Terminator,” and “Rambo” producing fame) has acquired the remake rights to “Audition.”

Originally directed by cult favorite Takashi Miike in 1999, the remake would follow the original closely, with the hero this time being one Sam Davis, a widower who “lives alone with his son following the death of his wife seven years prior and is convinced by a filmmaker friend to stage the fake auditions.” Things, uh, do not quite go as planned. Much bloodletting, torturing, and psycho chick action ensues.

Kassar’s already got one Richard Gray lined up to adapt the film for him, so in that respect it’s way ahead than most would-be remakes you hear about from the trades. As to whether the film will actually be any good, well, who knows. It could be “Ring”/”Grudge” decent, or it could be “One Missed Call” horrific. It’ll be fun to find out. (Probably.)

Here’s a trailer for the Miike original for those of you who never had the chance to partake:

Via : Deadline