Hollywood Strike Hits the Golden Globes

You hear that? That’s the sound of 99% of America not giving a damn. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s come to my attention that the Golden Globes may not be broadcast on TV this year because of the Writer’s Strike, which has spurred the Screen Actors Guild to show fellowship by banning members from attending the awards show. If it’s televised on TV as scheduled on January 13th, 2008, that is, and so now the Golden Globes is trying to convince NBC to pull the plug on the show so they can get their stars to attend because, let’s face it, wasn’t that the whole reason they created the Globes in the first place?


The HFPA, whose 100-odd members determine the awards each year, is pushing NBC to pull the plug on the broadcast because that will prompt the WGA to lift its pickets and enable stars to attend the Jan. 13 event. On Friday, SAG said its members would not cross picket lines to attend.

NBC and its chief Jeff Zucker had through the weekend maintained that it will broadcast the event. But one person with knowledge of the situation described NBC as trying to find “a middle ground,” potentially including a scaled-back event or a postponement. As of late Sunday, NBC was said to be close to yielding to the HFPA’s request for the Globes to be taken off the air.

Oh sure, they’ll strike the Golden Globes, but they’d never do that to the Oscars. These people go to sleep dreaming of performing their Oscar acceptance speech and wake up finishing said speech. And the Globes has always been the bastard child of awards season; sure, they want to win it, but no one tells people, “I’m a Golden Globe winner!” Unless, of course, they have to.

But I like what the SAG is doing. Now, if the DGA follows suit and joins up with the WGA, we can finally get this damn strike solved. Hollywood can survive without writers, but not without actors and directors.

Hollywood Strike Hits the Golden Globes