Hollywood’s Latest ’80s Retro Fall Guy is … The Fall Guy

Well this is kinda a no-brainer, right? After “The A-Team”, “MacGyver” in development, and a string of other ’80s action-adventure shows already headed or having arrived at the big screen to varying degrees of success, it was only a matter of time before Lazy Ass Hollywood finally figured out that the Lee Majors-fronted “The Fall Guy” should, logically, be next. I’m frankly shocked it’s taken this long for any kind of official announcement, actually.

The LATimes says Dreamworks and producer Walter Parkes are behind “The Fall Guy” movie, with a writer expected to jump onboard the project soon.

In the original show, Lee Majors played Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman by day and bounty hunter by night. Seavers often incorporated his skills as a stuntman to capture the bad guys, including his trademark big truck. Cause, obviously, being the tough guy that he is, Seavers also drives a huge truck. Maybe they can change that to a Hybrid for the movie version. After all — green is the new black!

Besides all the wacky stunts, the show is also known for co-starring an in-her-prime Heather Thomas (below). So the question is, who will play Colt Seavers — but more importantly, who will play Jody Banks?

Heather Thomas as Jody Banks in The Fall Guy