Holy Crap. First Trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Slays Online


Benjamin Walker in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Movie Image

The online arm of Time Magazine, of all places, actually first premiered the first teaser trailer for “Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” this morning. The film is, of course, based on the funky re-imagined life of the Prez by funky re-imagined expert Seth Grahame-Smith. And for choosing such a spectacular (re: idiotically oddball) venue for their trailer premiere, Twentieth Century Fox was slapped with an “absurd” tag in the headline of the Time article. Which, yes, makes me, as the kids would say, LMAO. Granted, it’s pretty damn absurd, but so is giving your teaser trailer exclusive to Time. Yeah, that’s your audience right there, Fox, the people who actually read Time Magazine’s website. Sheesh.

This is NOT your father’s Abe Lincoln, and if you weren’t sure from all the official images released for the film so far, then this teaser should just about end any speculation you may be entertaining that this could, possibly, be slightly realistic. Hey, Abe is fighting vampires, for God’s sake. In the context of that premise, Abe Matrix-fightin’ his way through the film makes perfect sense.

Starring Benjamin Walker as the ax-wielding Prez, along with Anthony Mackie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Dominic Cooper, Rufus Sewell, Alan Tudyk, Jimmi Simpson, Jaqueline Fleming, and Erin Wasson.

Abe brings his vampire slayin’ A-game June 22, 2012.

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  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    The book was an interesting read. I like how they wove the fantastical elements betweeen real events in his life and they actualyl had a plausible reason for the whole vampire anlge. This could be interesting and fun.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BAWI3CAZXQYHWMGODX6ETHBPSY Jive

    I gotta admit. As ridiculous as the concept may be, the trailer is all kinds of awesome. Looking forward to it.

  • Thecrow77

    I’m in!!!!!!

  • JackCrow

    Abe Van Helsing

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, Mr Bekmambetov. Now please get working on “Twilight Watch”. Pleeeeease

  • Bbstrongone

    Oh snap, looks awesome!