Homeland’s Michael Cuesta to Helm CBS’s Sherlock Holmes TV Show Elementary

Michael CuestaAs expected, the threat of a potential lawsuit from the head honchos at BBC has done nothing to deter CBS from moving forward on their own contemporary version of keen investigative fellow Sherlock Holmes, with the network announcing the hiring of “Homeland’s” Michael Cuesta to front the pilot for “Elementary”.

Cuesta is coming off a successful season on the Showtime’s thrilling “Homeland”, where he was the show’s primary director and also serves as executive producer. With “Elementary” (get it? “Elementary, my dear Watson?”), Cuesta will produce and direct the pilot episode, which will find the famous Detective (or at least, a version of him) in modern New York solving, presumably, complex crimes.

As you’ll recall, the BBC was none too pleased when CBS announced their version of a modern Sherlock Holmes TV show, believing the potential to copycat their popular version developed by former “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat (which has since become a cult hit in the States) was too great. In fact, they all but flat out stated that lawyers might get involved if CBS insists on moving forward with their show.

Well, CBS is moving forward, BBC. Your move.

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