Honest Trailer Tackles Awesome Dumb Robot Movie — er, Pacific Rim

Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Image

Well, you knew it was coming. Here’s the folks at Honest Trailers taking on Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim”. I wish I could tell you none of the points they’re making occurred to me while I was watching the movie, but painfully, pretty much all of it, including about two or three dozen other gaping plot holes they didn’t have time to nitpick, kept flashing across my mind, numbing that 9-year-old in me.

This isn’t me trying to pile on “Pacific Rim”. At this point, I’ve come to accept that the movie is an Awesome Dumb Robot Movie, as the Honest Trailer puts it, and I’m going with that. It’s got robots punching giant monster. I mean, that’s cool. Sure, the script by Travis Beacham is basically a mish-mash of “Top Gun”, “Independence Day”, and “Armageddon”, but you know … it what it is.

By the way, the whole sword thing? I’m not even bothered by that at all. I just thought it was their last-ditch weapon, so I don’t know why so many people kept bringing that up. When you have plasma cannons that can strike from a distance, why would you automatically switch to a close-quarter weapon like a sword right away?

So, without further ado — pew pew pew!